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Testament to the fact that cosmetic procedures like Wrinkle Relaxation aren’t just for women, “Brotox” has increased in popularity over the last decade. As its nickname suggests, “Brotox” refers to wrinkle relaxation procedures for men. An impressive 453,281 male patients got botulinum toxin injections last year in 2017, increasing the number of total procedures by 9.9% for both men and women, according to a recent study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


 Brotox is exactly the same procedure as the wrinkle relaxation injections that many women have to relax the facial muscles to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. During the 15 to 20 minute procedure, a skilled doctor will carefully administer injections to the desired areas while you sit back and relax. This treatment is often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure,” because it is very quick to do, so it can be scheduled during your lunch break or after work as it requires little to no downtime afterwards.

Most people will notice their final results within 2 to 7 days following their treatment, and these results typically last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. As the procedure is quick and relatively convenient, many men and women find that making regular appointments spaced several months apart is the easiest way to fit it into their busy schedules.


 Each year, more men opt for cosmetic procedures like wrinkle relaxing to help them look and feel their absolute best. While lots of men choose wrinkle relaxing for reasons similar to women, there seem to be three common threads among men who are considering, or who have already had, injectable treatments.

Unfortunately, men aren’t immune to the aging process. Historically, society has emphasised women’s physical appearances, especially in relation to the aging process, over men’s. However, with changing societal norms and shifting focuses, women aren’t the only ones who wish to reverse the hands of time and look a little younger and more energised. Perpetuated by social media, there is a greater emphasis on physical appearance for both men and women, making cosmetic procedures like Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment highly sought after.

The job market is constantly shifting and becoming more and more competitive where countless studies have shown that there is a direct link between one’s physical appearance and his or her career success. Many men who want to keep a competitive edge in their career goals decide to take advantage of wrinkle relaxing procedures to maintain a more energised look on the outside that matches how vigorous they feel on the inside.

Cosmetic procedures help to improve self-esteem and quality of life. On a more personal level, like many women, men can benefit from the self-confidence boost that wrinkle relaxing may be able to provide. When you look your best on the outside, you tend to also feel better about yourself on the inside, which can have a positive effect on your overall happiness and quality of life.


If you’re among the many men and women who are considering wrinkle relaxation, the first step is to find the right professional with whom to work. Keep in mind that although wrinkle relaxation is a relatively simple and quick procedure, you should always work with an experienced, well-trained medical professional.

At MD Aesthetic our experienced doctors carry out high-quality wrinkle relaxation treatments to help you achieve natural looking results which are tailored to the individual.

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